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The thing I love the most about life is that you never stop learning.

There are infinite possibilities for discovery, and every one of them can lead to a life full of adventure and fun.

Dynamic, flexible, fun, and courageous.

Thanks to discovering Yoga I can say these words about me, with confidence today. But it hasn’t always been so easy to see my strengths, and especially to share them with the world. There were three deciding factors that helped me to make empowering and courageous choices.

"When you surrender to what is and so become fully present, the past ceases to have any power. The realm of Being, which had been obscured by the mind, then opens up."

Eckhart Tolle, Practising The Power of Now

My passion for teaching led me to change my career as a vocal coach to a yoga teacher and health and lifestyle coach.

I love sharing. Yummy Yoga Girl is about me and you. Together offering a chance for you to dedicate time to you, get to know you and to explore your life in new ways.

For every person the change work is different but somewhere along the way there will be moments of sweat, tears, dedication, passion and courage. It’s also a lot of fun.

Are you ready?

Dynamic, flexible, fun, and courageous.
Thanks to discovering Yoga I can say these words about me, with confidence today.Videos

What's On Offer


My yoga classes are a mix of chillman versus hot it up vinyasa flow moves.

Helping people create positive change’s to their self care routines and taking the right steps to integrating yoga as part of everyday living.

The classes embody movement, breath and music to support each individual as they explore their practise.

Refreshing and revitalising all areas of life for a healthier, happier functioning body.



Well Being

Helping you to sculpt your positive intentions into successful lifestyle patterns. 

“You can’t change the fruit without changing the root.” Stephen Covey The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 

The Starting Point

I work with people who are seeking courage to grow and make strong well informed decisions for permanent change, prepared to expand beyond their limitations and find authenticity embracing all attributes to live a healthy, balanced, free flowing, time abundant, lifestyle.

The coaching programmes will help you to identify and work towards implementing achievable step by step goals. Designed to empower you to focus on your most valued needs so that you can achieve consistent success in the most important areas of your life.



Meet Natalie

How passion turned into adventure and adventure into a lifestyle business.


What YYG offers

Online Yoga Classes, 1-2-1 health and lifestyle coaching, Wellbeing Programmes for authentic and sustainable change.


Yoga is for everybody

Learn the benefits of a yoga practise and how you can integrate it into your lifestyle.


Time to wake up

Wake up everyday to how easy it is to restore movement into the upper body with this indulgent practise.


Time to strengthen up

Develop your deep core awareness in this short effective floor sequence.


YYG Motivational Tips

Return to the mat for small chunks of time to see the rewards


YYG Motivational Tips

Sharing is Caring...spread a little yumminess...go on you know you want to!


YYG Motivational Tips

Slow it down peeps. The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.


YYG Motivational Tips

Double your chance of change - flexible body flexible mind

Yummy Things made by lovely people with unique ideas

Coming Soon

Whilst I am busy designing the YYG yoga range I have decided to share with you some lovely things I have found on my travels. A little bit of the world at your finger tips.

The beauty is, as well as admiring the yummy products, you also get to read the story of the person who made it! You can immerse yourself in the passion of the lovely things you buy.

YYG promotes sustainable and conscious shopping…sourcing materials such as 100% organic cotton for longevity and comfort.

The Ananda Tree

The Ananda Tree is driven by the vision of it’s two founders, the strong mother and daughter team of Kirsti and Hannela Matthews. Who through their individual creative passions of yoga and photography have developed a brand that they were themselves looking for in the market place.

Why YYG recommends The Ananda Tree

They manage to be design focused and original without compromising on its core values and principals.

Why YYG loves The Ananda Tree

Ananda means bliss in Sanskrit or the condition of utter joy, which is a sublime quality of the 100% organic bamboo we have chosen for our scarves.

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Clear Skin Holistically

Clear Skin Holistically is the creation of Organic Skincare Formulator and Nutritionalist, Michelle Wilkie.

Eat your way to clear skin. By making simple changes to diet, embracing natural, organic skincare products and being kind and compassionate with yourself, you too can love your skin from within; unconditionally.

Clear your own skin by using these natural methods, and feel compelled to teach others how to clear their skin holistically too. Learn to love yourself. Stop Judging. Stop Criticizing. Learn to manage stress.

Love Michelle xx

Why YYG recommends Clear Skin Holistically

“Research has shown that up to 60% of what we put on our skin enters our bloodstream, so if we are eating well and doing the right thing by our body internally, it makes sense to treat our skin with the same respect.”

Why YYG loves Clear Skin Holistically

Suppressed emotions can often manifest themselves through the skin and appear on the surface with symptoms such as Acne and other skin allergies. They can teach us to question our health habits and be accepting of ourselves, through good times and bad, and to be more compassionate and gentle with myself and others.

Michelle will be talking openly about “her Acne breaking point”  in May’s The Creative Review revealing how through self care rituals she holistically cleared her skin.

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UK based yoga teacher, photographer, crafter and designer Hanri set up Yogahound to share her experience and love of yoga, craft and rescue dogs.

Her love for knitting, crocheting, sewing led to develop yoga related patterns and products which are available to purchase online at Etsy.

Why YYG recommends Yogahound for that little something different to spice up your yoga collection.

“Living in a first World country where mass-produced consumerism is just so easy and tempting, I’ve become quite passionate about supporting small businesses and partaking in setting up a small business enterprise.

Why YYG Loves Yogahound

“From my patterns, I have also commissioned individuals back in South Africa (one of them being my Mom) to crochet bags based on my own pattern – and it gives me great joy every time someone buys one of those handmade bags.”

Curious to see a good deal more of Hanri’s products http://yogahound.co.uk

Hanri features as YYG’s March Creative Review a blog post offering inspirational insights and influences from lifestyle professionals.


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