How I turned my passion into a business named Yogahound

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How I turned my passion into a business Yogahound

UK based Yoga Teacher, photographer, crafter and designer, Hanri shares her inspirational learnings and an ongoing love affair with Yoga.

What lead you to start practising yoga? 

I first started doing yoga after I read a magazine article in my teens. At the time I was a “slightly stressed, unhappy about my body” teen living in Johannesburg.

The pictures of the two girls demonstrating the poses looked so serene. I decided there and then I needed to try out this weird stretchy thing daily.

I soon noticed how different I felt, and that was it, I was hooked. Yoga quickly permeated all areas of my life, and teaching was a natural progression from that point forwards.

How do you combine yoga into all areas of your life? 

Along with teaching, I’m also a photographer specialising in dance and yoga photography. Photography is my greatest creative outlet and my most challenging. When I’m with my camera I have to combine everything I have learnt.

Is photography and yoga teaching your full time career? 

My photography career is only part-time – because 4 days a week I’m an Art Director for a children’s book publisher, creating aesthetic content that’s both informative and beautiful.

Your love for yoga and creativity is infectious. Do you have any other hobbies? 

In my spare time I craft – I sew, I knit and I make whatever I can. Yoga changed my approach to craft – I no longer obsessed about the outcome but focused on the benefit of the process.

What are your top three passions outside yoga? 

Knitting, crocheting and sewing.

How do you combine these into your life? 

Yogahound! I initially started the Yogahound blog to share my experiences and love of yoga, craft and rescue dogs (hence the hound bit!) My love for knitting, crocheting and sewing led me to develop yoga related patterns and products which I now sell on my Etsy store.

That’s fantastic you have created a unique product made with love. What is your option on sustainable products and supporting small businesses? 

Living in a first World country where mass-produced consumerism is just so easy and tempting, I’ve become quite passionate about supporting small businesses and partaking in setting up a small business enterprise. From my patterns, I have also commissioned individuals back in South Africa (one of them being my Mom) to crochet bags based on my own pattern – and it gives me great joy every time someone buys one of those handmade bags.

I love that your Mom is a part o project Yogahound. Offering chances for people to develop and shine is so important. Can you explain a little about how your products came to be featured on YYG Yummy Things?  

In 2016 I was contacted by Natalie who asked about doing a yoga photo shoot on location at a beautiful setting in Kent. Sometimes on a shoot, the camera, the photographer and the client just ‘click’, and that’s how it was on our shoot together to create imagery for the Yummy Yoga Girl site.

Whilst training to be a yoga teacher, my tutor and mentor said “never think that sharing tips and information with other yoga teachers means you are giving away secrets, but rather that by helping others succeed, their success becomes yours too.”

Working and liaising with Natalie has very much been like that – about to set out on her own path into the yoga world, she is not just focused on her own path, but lifting those around her.

I am so grateful for her asking me to contribute to the Yummy Yoga Girl website, where we can share our “bringing together “of Yoga and the things we love to create.

Go to Yummy Things and find out how to connect with Hanri and view and purchase the beautiful crotchet products Made with Love from Yogahound.

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A special thanks from YYG to Hanri for her beautiful photography on the YYG Coaching and Yoga site. xx

Written by Jim Lester | 07 Mar