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Gut instinct to be listened to or ignored?

Wise words from London-based Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger Georgie Spurling.

Georgie and I first met whilst I was a vocal coach. Not a note was sung in her first lesson! My gift for understanding people and intuitive coaching skills guided the session towards making empowering decisions.

The teacher always learns from the student – this is the openminded way to all learnings. YYG

Hey Georgie welcome to the Yummy Vibes Tribe! Listen to your body and Self love are two very prominent messages on social media at the moment. As a Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger can you give us an insight to how your wellbeing story  began? 

When I was a baby I had a lot of health issues which resulted in a heart operation and the doctors telling me I could never exercise. In fact the most I should do was walking.Through my years at junior school, I was not allowed to participate in most sports and found this really hard. After suffering in the early years of senior school with mental health issues I decided that I was going to make my own decisions and stop living under this cloud of illness. I managed to find a passion in performing. Acting became my life and on the side I danced and sung. I finally found something I could excel in.


Finding something you can be excel-lent at must have been so refreshing. How did you filter this new found skill into other parts of you life? 

For the rest of my time at school all I wanted to do was perform.  There was a limiting belief standing in my way though… I always had a confidence issue when singing, I was terrified. I first met Natalie in sixth form, when I was doing dance and drama A-Level and preparing to audition for drama school. Natalie helped so much with building my confidence and also self love. She wasn’t just a singing teacher, she helped me understand how to let go of that pent up anxiety, which I’m forever grateful for.

Thank you Georgie I remember our first session. I was inspired to help you from a genuine place in my heart. I noticed you were listening to your gut and making important changes. What advise do you have for others who may are looking for a change in direction be it personal or work related?  

…surround yourself with like-minded people…

I have to say those years were some of the best years of my life. As I was meeting and surrounding myself with like minded people and getting to experience my passion every single day! However, in the performing world I found there was so much competition with anxiety and pressure hidden beneath the surface. Gradually the pressure built and I found myself questioning whether the industry was for me.

Anxiety is a state many people can relate with. If unrecognised it can manifest itself with undesirable effects on the body. What triggered your decision to take the big leap and set up as a PT?

I loved learning about the body. How we individually move. After leaving the acting world I was lost and coincidentally stumbled across a gym in Chelsea that looked very luxurious. I walked in, no qualifications, without a conscious clue what I was doing and asked the boss if I could chat to him about potentially becoming a Personal Trainer and what courses he would recommend.

He said, and I quote “I LOVE your personality and energy, go get your qualification and your hired!”.  After the constant criticism in the performing world I latched on to his complement which was the trigger. I got my qualifications and became a Personal Trainer in Chelsea.  I learnt more on that gym floor than I have ever learnt before in my life!

You are amazing Georgie.

Huge love to you and your confidence. 

I attended a talk called Finding Body Confidence at Balance Festival in London earlier on this month and found comfort listening to Fitness Bloggers and ex-performers Tally Rye and Adrienne Herbert who spoke a similar story to yours. They felt the fitness world offered encouragement whereas the performing world just kept taking and taking. Being creative isn’t just about singing and dancing. How do you integrate your creative flair into finding your role as a fitness coach? 

My style of training is unique. I bring my dance background along with my love of the mind body connection together to create a functional method that is unique! In fact I currently have been given the nickname ‘The Band B***h’ as I think a resistance band is the best thing ever.

Ok you band b***h! What is your motivation motto when your are feeling like you just want to exchange the active wear for comfy pants, sofa and the telly box?

Funny you ask! Motivation motto more like motivation momentum…Let me explain. Last year I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, after fighting a horrible parasite on holiday. My whole world came crashing down. I couldn’t work, I couldn’t train, I could barely get out of bed. The most frustrating part was I finally felt I was excelling at something to then be knocked down again.  AGAIN I was told by doctors I could not work or exercise and I must do nothing.

How will you transform your life with this new knowledge and help others to be body confident? 


Having experienced this “horrible chapter” of my life I understand how critically important it is to listen to our bodies.  I believe in training to suit the needs of the individual and their body, I believe that exercise is something to be enjoyed. And a tool for managing stress and building upon our self love.

I am now a freelance PT, as well as being a blogger.  Moving forward I am inspired to help others #believe in themselves #love themselves and find a #balanced lifestyle.

Have you a final pearl of wisdom to inspire us all?  

“no one with your medical problems has EVER been able to do this before, well done.”

It’s the message that just keeps giving – listen to your body – A year ago I told my doctor I was a personal Trainer. I read his facial expression as HORRIFIED. He then turned round to me and said “no one with your medical problems has EVER been able to do this before, well done.” This was when I accepted my strength and talent and realised how proud I was of being me.


How can people reach you to benefit from your pearls of training wisdom?

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Written by Natalie Farrell | 25 May