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Build your own home practise with the YYG 5-5-5 principle.

Hey Peeps,

Enjoying time to yourself rejuvenates the body bringing clarity and freshness to your day.

This months yoga blog explores our relationship with time and how building a home practise helps to develop productivity in all areas of our lives. All you need is a notebook and an open mind.

Are you ready?

Lets start with the Problem  I don’t have enough time!

And now the Solution: Commit yourself to making time!

Building a home practise can seem daunting though this blog we explore how to make it fun and rewarding. Firstly you begin to make the time then you begin to use the time wisely and ultimately reaching true warrior mentorship you begin to flow with time.

Here’s how.

Firstly you commit to making the time then you begin to use the time wisely and ultimately reach your true warrior mentorship as you begin to flow with time.The following two exercises offer space in your life for accepting there is enough time to look after yourself, work, spend time with family, friends and all other activities you love to do.

Finding the freedom to make life flow. 

This exercise is nice and easy and super satisfying.

  1. set a reminder on your phone for the same time everyday which says breathe now
  2. When it goes off inhale and exhale slowly for 30 seconds.
  3. Repeat until you find yourself naturally setting your own inner clock and taking 5 for yourself.

Notice noticing how you talk about time. 

What are your language patterns based around time? Do you have a versatile approach? Or a regimented approach? Both are ok! However it is helpful to improve the relationship you have with time for maximum efficiency.

In this exercise you may have to be patience with yourself and be prepared to learn what you thought was good for you may be holding you back.

  1. For 2 weeks every time you notice saying something about time jot it down in a journal
  2. After the 2 weeks review your own language patterns, observe any consistencies between the language patterns.
  3. Circle the positives and cross out the negatives using your instinct to do so…
  4. Now for the next two weeks only use the positive statements and see if this helps expand your efficiency levels and you may be surprise at how much more you are fitting  into your life.

The Five Motivators – Freedom-Instinct-Versitile-Expand

Huge congratulations peeps – By having completed the above exercises you have begun to make a commitment to yourself by setting your five motivators. You have moved through obstacle hoops and made room for yourself to be productive and efficient.

Building a home practise with the the 5-5-5 principle.

What are the 5-5-5 principles? 5 moves – 5 breaths – 5 motivators

The yummy news is you have already experienced the five motivators –

Freedom-Instinct-Versitile-Expand during the exercises. Now you can apply these 5 motivators to your home practise by setting your mantra:

I have the freedom to listen in and follow my instinct an enjoy the versatility of my home practise as I expand daily to new possibilities.

Add 5 moves – Begin adding moves to your dictionary with the YYG Strengthen Up Video in this blog.

Continue to build you dictionary of moves, follow blogs, online videos, join in a class, attend a festival.  The more moves you know the more versatile your routines become. But you can also do a lot with just 5 moves – which I will be exploring with you over June with the YYG Wednesday Facebook Tutorial Videos.

Finally apply the 5 breath rule – 5 exhales and inhales to each of the 5 moves and hey presto you have the tools to build a home practise.

See you next month peeps and remember

Spread a little yumminess!

Natalie xxx
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Written by Natalie Farrell | 07 Jun