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A unique experience waits for you around the corner…

Health and Wellbeing Live 2017

September 22-23rd

Allow this one to lead you towards the life you wish to lead.

Do you live in Tunbridge Wells or surrounding areas? Have you heard about Health and Wellbeing Live? It’s a unique 2 day event exploring all that is available for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

What’s on offer?

Expert talks, wellbeing workshops, therapy spa, family health, food market and more.

Discover more about yoga and how it benefits your body, brain and decision making.

Find out just how incredible you are with Natalie Farrell’s yoga taster workshop at Health and Wellbeing Live this September.

Meet NatalieĀ 

Yoga is an important aspect of overall Wellbeing, it is a workout for your heart and lungs, you get to stretch your muscles and increase your overall ability to move with freedom, you get to relax and you also get to become more focused.

So if you are curious about how to help yourself look after your body and mind better.

The Amazing You workshop run by Natalie Farrell Health and Wellbeing Coach

Fitness station


Friday and Saturday at The Secret Manor – Marbeldon, Tunbridge Wells.

Adults book your tickets in advance online for a discounted price. Children free.

Please note the workshop itself is free so you can get that little bit closer to your healthy, happy self.

Now that’s yummy!


Written by Natalie Farrell | 04 Sep