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Can you be a successful Mum and Business women?

Angela Schroeder, Uk based Reflexologist, Himalayan Hatha Yoga Teacher Meditation Teacher and Ayurvedic Masseur talks to me this month about the whys, wheres and hows of bringing inner peace into life.

Angela you have such a beautiful and serene energy. Did you always want to be a therapist? 

I have been a practitioner of holistic therapies since 2004 following a professional Music and IT Career. I studied under the expert tuition of Nicola Hall at The Bayley School of Reflexology and have since added Ayurvedic Massage and other forms of healing modalities to the mix.

What other forms of healing modalities have you added and why? 

My compassion has grown over time to help others on their path to self healing. Last year I embarked upon a life long wish to become a yoga teacher. I studied in England and travelled to India and spent a month with Yogi Ashokananda and completed a Himalayan Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and Meditation course.

Can you explain a little about what healing means to you? 

I strongly believe that the body is capable of healing itself through correct nutrition, yoga and breathing techniques, which in turn allow the nervous system to reach it’s own state of equilibrium where the natural healing process begins.

Breathing is such an important part of yoga and something which is a gift to all of us we can take for granted. For someone contemplating a meditation practise what advise do you have? 

Using specific breathing techniques it is possible to escape the mind and begin to feel the body, being in the body. Through this embodiment, this physical experience, an individual is then able to find a new way of being allowing for space to be created.

You are a mother of two children what advise do you have for other mother’s whose life may be imbalanced due tot eh demands of motherhood? 

This space I mentioned brings with it a profound sense of peace and calm, almost as though the body has been finely tuned and recallibrated, bringing with it motivation, creativity and passion for life when practiced regularly.

I am intrigued! Tell me more about your passion for life and your latest business adventure ‘Breathe?’

The inspiration behind ‘Breathe’ is to bring together these ancient teachings of yoga, meditation, therapies and in some cases music & sound into the workplace alongside a team of inspired compassionate individuals.

Breathe will create a break through for your business in minutes, in shifting your companies resonance to the next level … imagine your workforce all individually energised to their highest potential.

India seems to be a strong influence in your life. How do you utilise your learnings into your life and use it as inspiration to help others with their healing journeys? 

I am currently studying an Ayurvedic Degree in lifestyle and nutrition with Dr Deepika Rodrigo of the Ayurvedic Institute which she feels is the final piece of the Jigsaw in bringing this magical science into the western world.

How can people get in touch with you Angela to learn more about Breathe. 

Please contact to discuss our model of raising your workforce to the next level.



Written by Natalie Farrell | 12 Sep