Why supporting local is important to Tunbridge Wells Entrepreneur and owner of Yummy Yoga Girl | Yummy Yoga Girl


Why supporting local is important to Tunbridge Wells Entrepreneur and owner of Yummy Yoga Girl

Spread a little yumminess…

And go all “conscious” shopper on us Tunbridge Wells by supporting local brands…

“Tunbridge Wells has a huge amount of local retailers, and it’s our job to show you the very best of them.” Hope Marshall 

This months Health and Wellbeing Pop Up Event on the 22nd October 10-4pm at One Warwick Park Hotel is happening “due to popular demand” says Hope Marshall founder of Support Local and fellow small business owner.


Supporting your local community is an imperative part of the YYG ethos

Supporting local talent is all part of the reason why I decided to join in and raise the profile of the importance of supporting local brands. I have huge respect too for company owners supporting each other. Customers buy from you when they trust you and your product, with word of mouth being the top way to get business for small businesses. Therefore being with like-minded entrepreneurs with passion and flair for creativity and business is so important when growing a start up business or building upon your established business.

I have many women who are thinking of starting up a business ask me “how do you keep motivated?” to which I reply “it’s all about viewing the business as part of who you are, selling yourself, being honest and integral to your beliefs and values.” It’s fun being a small business owner (although I do have visions to grow in the next 5 years) and rewarding. I even view the negative parts as feedback, for you to springboard further into your learnings as an entrepreneur and business owner.


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It’s a bit like a puzzle you need to fit the pieces together correctly and you do this by learning from your mistakes and asking others for help in the areas which you aren’t as strong in. After launching Yummy Yoga Girl yoga brand I knew I needed to show the people of Tunbridge wells that there are exclusive options available to them on their doorstep as well as on the high street.




“Pop in and say hi this Sunday 22nd between 10-4pm at One Warwick Park, Tunbridge Wells” 

You get a chance to feel our high performance, breathable and sift fabrics from our brand new Kandi Collection and a chance to try and buy with our special Support Local exhibition discount. I will also be running yoga demonstrations for lower back issues and teaching you how to stretch your hamstrings in a way that is kind to your body.

Win an outfit

I am also offering the chance to win an outfit when you sign up to our monthly newsletter which offers you fresh ideas each month for healthy living.

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Natalie xx

Health and Wellbeing Coach and Founder of Yummy Yoga Girl your local online Lifestyle shop


Written by Natalie Farrell | 18 Oct