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Finding the yoga studio that is right for you – Part 4

YYG introduces Mark &

The Freestyle Yoga Project 

Energetic. Thrilling. Funky.

A 21st century approach to dynamic yoga & movement.  FYP believes you should work in different ways ALL the time. Many people come to us wanting to ease stiff bodies, find more flexibility in over worked hamstrings/joints – the elusive touching of toes, have a good ‘stretch’ (yawn! We do a whole lot more than that!) YES – FYP can help with all of that! But what about thinking outside the box?

Our take on yoga is probably unlike anything you’ve come across before. An all-round form of physical exercise, which might make you ditch your other ‘stuff’! The diverse ways we move and groove means you’ll challenge yourself in different ways – every single time you come. Be it super-strong work (our speciality), a mellow flow, through locomotion work to pole work, handstands, hanging from bars, jumping, crawling & rolling! You’ll even find that space for an hour or so to completely focus on yourself and your breathing – if that’s what you’re working on.

We’re going to ask you to try things you’ve never considered before. We want you to step up to the edge, peer over it, take a deep breath and maybe set yourself another edge, maybe not today…maybe not tomorrow… but soon, very soon. We’re going to improve your agility, mobility, strength, co-ordination & flexibility.

And your first class is free…

What’s not to like?! You’ve nothing to lose & EVERYTHING to gain! We look forward to working with you!


Written by Natalie Farrell | 02 Mar