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3 reasons lemon is good for your health – Lemon Zing Smoothie

Lemon has many benefits to our health.

Below are my top 3 reasons for adding lemon into your Spring…

  • Elevates your mood – as the weather gently changes allow your body the time it needs to move into the new season
  • It is a natural cleanser for the body.
  • And best of all you can add it to all sorts of recipes including water and tea to gain maximum benefits.

Being creative with your food is part of the recipe for living a balanced life. This month I have created a smoothie using all yellow ingredients including unusually yellow peppers which are full of vitamins and can help to lower the risk of heart disease, ease PMS symptoms and is said to alleviate depression. 

Lemon Zinger Smoothie

What you’ll need:

1/2 yellow pepper

1 small banana

1/2 lemon squeezed and the zest too

250ml of Chi Coconut drink

5 cm of fresh ginger or a little bit more for you true zingers!

1/4 ts Bluebird Tumeric Matcha

2 squeezes of agave syrup or 1 tbs of honey

orange and lemon zest (optional)

Whizz it all up in the blender or Nutri bullet

It’s the little things that count…

Sprinkle a little Bee Pollen for that extra Spring in your step (optional)

Enjoy taking that Zing feeling with you all day!

Natalie xx


Written by Natalie Farrell | 24 Mar