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How my FIVE motivators can help you make those changes you know you want to make.

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog will have heard me talk about the FIVE motivators, before particularly in Build Your Own Home Practice with the YYG 5-5-5 principle (07/06/17). However, I want to take this opportunity to expand on each of them and show how they can be so powerful.

So,what are the FIVE motivators?





And CENTRED. The first four words spell out FIVE and I have recently added centred. I will go on to explain why this is a particularly important motivator for me.

How can these motivators help me?

I view the process of making the changes we all know we need to make as a journey, and followed in order, my FIVE motivators will help you.

When introducing change in our habits and routines, we must address all sorts of factors, probably, most importantly, positioning the changes positively in our mindset and amending the conversations we have with ourselves. For example, altering “I have to do” to “I want to”, “I would love to” to “I am doing” and “I am cutting out” to “I am introducing”, whatever you have decided, e.g. walking daily, finding a yoga class, taking up a new hobby, opting for healthier food choices etc.

My motivators will help you begin to use your time more effectively and open space in your life, so that you can (without feeling guilty) accept that there is enough time to devote to yourself and work, spend time with family and friends and do all the other activities you love and/or want to.


For me, this is about giving yourself permission to change. Freedom is about taking action and moving from knowing that you have to, or would like to do something, to taking a small step towards making that change whilst accepting that you are on a journey and that you don’t have to change everything overnight.

A first step could be to sit somewhere quiet and close your eyes for a few minutes and focus inwards. Vision is our main sense, so closing our eyes enables us to draw the power of the other senses. Take this time to listen to your breathing, take some deep breathes in and out, feel your diaphragm moving, think about your body and what it wants. Listen to it, you may want to wiggle your fingers, roll your shoulders or stretch out your legs. This is your body talking to you.

Try this for a few minutes the first time and then a little longer the second time and so on. Don’t rush this process, this freedom you are giving yourself is powerful because you are consciously allowing yourself to close off momentarily from the chaotic busy-ness of modern life and be still  enough to converse with your inner self and body.



This is our response to certain stimuli. Ask yourself what are your most common stimuli and what are your behaviour patterns as a result.  Consider your approach to exercise, eating, sleeping… Are you reaching for the sugary snack because you feel tired? What are the internal conversations you are having with yourself. Are they positive or negative? Are you being self-critical and sabotaging your intentions before you have even started?  If you want to make changes, consider these stimuli, as this is where the smallest change can have a huge lasting impact. Once you start to notice your actions and reactions, you can introduce small changes such as daily positive affirmations, drinking an extra glass of water a day, walking just that little bit further. You will find that as changes take hold, your habits will change, you will become more spontaneous and open to trying new things.


As you start to become more open and spontaneous, you may find more opportunities coming your way and that you will meet new people, almost as if the universe itself has recognised that you are open to receiving new things and is sending them your way. As this happens and you explore new activities, relationships, people and places, you will become more versatile in your attitude and approach.


Of course, these new experiences and people are starting to enrich your life. As you open your mind to new possibilities, you can begin to say yes with more confidence and commit to new challenges, knowing your self-limiting conversation is now under control and that you are finding the right people who will support and guide you on your ventures.


And finally, for me, the most important of my five motivators is centred. Because this is how you feel after having been on the journey through the previous motivators. This is the confidence you will have, the renewed sense of purpose, ambition coupled with the determination to achieve your goals. Being centred is about the inner strength that comes from truly accepting and loving who you are, because you are amazing!



Written by Natalie Farrell | 13 Apr