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5 self truths you need to consider before turning to a plant based diet

It’s been 4 weeks now since I moved to Spain and boy of boy I am happy!
One of my concerns for the move was whether there would be great healthy cafes. Having lived in Tunbridge Wells I was spoilt for choice with exceptional cafe owners bringing high levels of food consciousness to our plates. From raw to vegan to flexitarian my tummy would delight in delectable menus and alternative drink choices (not everyone loves fizzy drinks and coffee!)

lifestyle game changers

I changed my approach to my diet 5 years ago after returning from a retreat in Ibiza. I went raw for 6 months and the benefits were unbelievable: including feelings of sharpened alertness and lightness – as I had excluded sugar from my diet. Qualifying as a Wellbeing and Yoga coach has intrigued me even more about the conditioning of our food habits from childhood to adulthood and even perhaps how we are marketed too. Sold to thinking something is good for us, when it may possibly be quite the opposite.

Raw or Vegan or Flexitarian

Having transformed myself out of a bulimic relationship with food now to a healthy raw/flexitarian diet, I’m forever on the look out for fellow lifestyle game changers. And I’ve found a great inspiration for you all. Over the next 2 weeks I’m so excited to introduce you to Matthew Dunford. Matthew is the owner of Fine Grind a cafe which oozes in it’s decor Parisian chicness and modern day living, with menu choices which introduce the curious to dishes such as, Acai smoothie bowls, home made nut butters and even turns the coffee connoisseurs of Tunny Wells to Tumeric latte lovers!

healthy living takes time

Matt is sharing his knowledge and story with us on how at the age of 41 he moved away from his alcoholic habits to becoming the healthiest version of himself inspired by Rich Rolls and changing to a plant based vegan diet. As a regular to Fine Grind I am an avid fan of his work and respect the ambience and influence he is bringing to Tunbridge Wells.

It’s great to know that I can have a positive influence of others by offering better and healthier food at the cafe. For me it’s the first step towards my plans for the future.

Join Matt for 3 honest blog posts introducing you to the power of a plant based diet.

5 self truths you need to consider when turning plant based

Truth 1 

Become Curious to different and alternative pathways – develop  a deep desire for ‘real, long term health’ & true well being of mind, body & spirit.

Truth 2

Enhance your awareness of the societal status quo of what a good diet & standard, so called nutrition really is. Think for yourself question what it is your body really needs.

Truth 3 

Be transparent with your friend s and family. Be responsible for your decision, encourage support from the people you love and refrain from shoving your changes down their throats so they can respect your decision to go plant based/vegan. 

Truth 4

Be open to radical change & braking the cycles of routine & ingrained habits since childhood. Have self confidence & belief in your decision & chosen pathway so you can maintain a mindful approach to plant based living.

Truth 5

Self education. Learn from the best. With the internet there is a heap of advice and support from the worlds best, make use of the advice and literature out there.

Matt’s final slither of yummy advice! From inspiring books to day to day recipes & podcasts to listen to there is 1000’s of support areas to lean on.

To listen to Matt talk candidly about his lifestyle transition tune in to YummyYogaGirl podcast available from Friday 15th June. 

Follow Matt on Instagram And join the  lifestyle changers themselves Matthew and Anna Robertshaw of Retreat Yoga for a Yoga Juice and Cleanse week June 11-15th. For more details talk with Anna here. 

Written by Natalie Farrell | 05 Jun