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How a Juice Cleanse Harmonizes Your Chakras – Solar Plexus

If you’re not quite sure what your chakras, are, they’re like energy centers in your body. They begin at the root which is in the base of the spine. Traveling all the way up to the top of your head is the crown chakra. There are seven chakras in total and each represent a part of your character. When they’re open, cleansed and operating at full capacity, you will experience a lot of energy. You’ll feel relaxed but clear and energized. You’ll have confidence and you’ll love and be loved.

Every one of the seven chakras has an effect on certain parts of your body which affects parts of your life. When your chakras aren’t aligned, your body may suffer and aspects of your life may become imbalanced. To illustrate this, the heart chakra has a physical connection to the lungs and circulatory system. It rules the relationship aspects of your life and allow you to give and get love. If the heart chakra is closed off, you may find it challenging to maintain a healthy relationship. If the heart chakra remains imbalanced for long periods of time, you may suffer from physical issues like breathing, or breast cancer.

There are many ways to nurture the energy centers known as chakras. By taking some care about the deep energy centers in you, you can avoid issues from manifesting in the body. Food has a lot to do with nurturing the chakras. Each chakra has their own unique signature and corresponds to your organs, color, elements, and foods.

It’s important to note that you should use foods for chakra cleansing that are as close to natural as possible. Organic is best if you have the option. Depending on where you live, these fruits and vegetables may not always be available. Try to use foods based on the seasons to really boost the potency of food healing for the chakras.

The solar plexus chakra turns fiery energy into action and is where your self-esteem is indicated. Sunny yellow foods help support this chakra, clearing and balancing it. As this chakra is responsible for converting energy, it needs food that absorbs more slowly. The third chakra can become unbalanced when you eat too much sugar or processed food. Complex carbohydrates are great for this chakra, keeping your energy levels up for longer.


The solar plexus is the fire center so when you do a pose like plank for 30 second, you ignite your power in this chakra. This is where creativity and wildness lives.


A super charged juice for your hard working solar plexus chakra should include yellow vegetables and fruits. Add bananas, ginger, turmeric, coconut water, pineapples, mangoes and bee pollen to make a tropical, delicious juice.


Solar Plexus Chakra Smoothie


  • 1/2 Cup  Papaya
  • 1 Cup  Pineapple
  • 1  Banana
  • A dash of Turmeric
  • Satsuma Orange

Next month…smoothie for the heart chakra

This article is part of a collaboration with Meera Watts – a yoga teacher and the founder/owner of Siddhi Yoga International. Her writing on yoga and holistic health has appeared in Elephant Journal, CureJoy, FunTimesGuide, OMtimes and others. Join here next month when Meera talks about the Sacral Chakra and another smoothie recipe offering.

Many thanks to Meera and Freya for collaborating in this series of smoothie to cleanse and harmonies the Chakras.

Meera Watts is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and mom. Her writing on yoga and holistic health has appeared in Elephant Journal, CureJoy, FunTimesGuide, OMtimes and others. She’s also the founder and owner of, a yoga teacher training school based in Singapore. Siddhi Yoga runs intensive, residential trainings in India (Rishikesh, Goa and Dharamshala), Indonesia (Bali)

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Written by Natalie Farrell | 29 Jun