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5 steps to recovering your body using plant power

5 steps to recovering your body using plant power.

Matthew Dunford, chef and owner of Fine Grind coffee house in Tunbridge Wells shares the five most important steps he took when turning from a meat based diet to a plant based diet.

STEP ONE – Take it slow 
Begin to slowly faze out animal products. Matt explains his recovery was slow & the detox was HARDCORE & probably un-acheivable if you go all. 
STEP TWO Create milestones
Introduce new tastes and flavours slowly making the transition new and comfortable so you can enjoy the food you are now eating. 
STEP THREE – Be present 
DO NOT get into the Vegan junk food trap. Being plant based / vegan does not necessarily mean you are healthy. One way to understand what you are consuming is to begin to read the labels sound simple but this way you are taking responsibility for the ingredients and beginning to educate yourself to the quantities of protein, carbohydrates, and more importantly sugar content within the product. 
STEP FOUR – Appreciation is the key 
Try fasting for total reset. This will totally reestablish your appreciation for ‘FOOD’ and will give your body some much needed time to detox. A regular fasting program is great, I am currently working on this myself.  
STEP FIVE – Be kind to yourself 
Remember that this is not a race. It is now your way of life & the adjustment will take time. Things don’t have to happen overnight, the tradition should be slow. Be kind to yourself and try to remain patient & present in the moment.
To discover more on Matt’s passion for plant based recipes and good food click follow him here on  Instagram   
Matt runs detox programmes throughout the year with Anna Robertshaw from Retreat Yoga for more information and to discover further Matt’s passion for plant based recipes and good food follow him here on  Instagram   

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Written by Natalie Farrell | 15 Aug