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Top 5 ingredients for the yummiest post yoga smoothie

How to create your perfect post yoga smoothie.

Are you an adventure yoga girl? Always on the go, juggling the wanders of life and sometimes feeling the pressure of having little me time? Ever wandered what are the essential ingredients to help you gain the most out of your yoga workout and gain more from life?

The body continues to heal after a yoga practise

It’s not just the time spent on  the mat which is important. The body keeps healing itself after a yoga practise or any fitness class, activity. The nervous system is fully alert at this time especially the parasympathetic system which really helps to heal the body and keep it in it’s natural balance. So how can you keep offering your body benefits after a practise which will offer you side effects like more energy, more healing and more balance.

Having the right ingredients in your cupboard can make you more healthy.

It is a well known fact that being prepared and forward planning save you much time and also will help to keep you focused on your goals. So having the right ingredients in your cupboard will make you more motivated to go and make something which is good for your body rather than reaching out for the quick sugar fix. Click here to find out how yoga teachers plan their weeks for wellbeing success.

post yoga smoothie recipe

How do you choose the right ingredients?

The glowing diamond question. We are all different and our bodies need different foods and benefit from various superfoods at different times of the month. It is our job to keep an outer awareness of what it is our body needs. And how we can nurture it with kindness with good sugars and complex carbohydrates as an example for that ultimate healthy post yoga glow.

Here are Yummy Yoga Girl’s 5 essential ingredients for a balanced nutritional experience which will offer your body good health benefits for long terms results.

Top 5 ingredients to save you time and bring you good health.

  1. The Perfect Base – Banana
  2. The Superfood Surprise  – Moringa powder
  3. The Nutrient Blast – Pumpkin seeds
  4. The antioxident Guru – Blueberry
  5. The Natural Healer- Manuka Honey
NOW to add them together and create your PERFECT post yoga smoothie.

Here is my recipe of the month recommended for post fitness replenishment making it an ideal recipe must have for you #adventureyogagirls.

Adventure Yoga Girl Smoothie  

Ingredients coming up…organic if possible.

1 banana

handful of blueberries

6 cashew nuts (optional)

handful of pumpkin seeds

1/4 slice of red pepper

fresh juice of 1/2 lime

smidge of manuka honey

1/4 ts moringa powder

1/4 ts flaxseed powder (optional)

handful of fresh mint

2 ice cubes (optional) If you do use them this is a great way for you to pre prepare the smoothie so it’s there ready and waiting for you straight after your yoga practise.

Mix it all up in your preferred smoothie blender and serve with a sprinkle of bee pollen or a yummy blueberry on top

So there we have it if you are looking to create your perfect post yoga glow…follow this 3 easy steps. 

  1. Be prepared with the right ingredients
  2. Mix and match superfoods to your bodies cyclical needs
  3. Pre Prepare and use ice cubes to keep the smoothie cool for straight after class.

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Written by Natalie Farrell | 20 Aug