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11 benefits of yoga and meditation for beginners

Really interested in starting yoga but don’t know where to start? 

In this blog you will learn about the top 11 benefits of yoga and meditation for beginners. Gain confidence in understanding where to begin finding the right classes for you. And the power of attending a yoga festival.

11 benefits of yoga and meditation for beginners 

I met a lady this week who had lost two people very dear to her in close succession. The lady explained to me that she had to take tablets at the beginning to numb the pain as she had entered into a deep depression. Within a short space of time the lady began to

  1. explore how she could create more space in her life and overcome her “deep depression” in other ways that were right for her
  2.  decide to start her new experiences of awakening by attending a yoga course in her home town
  3. which lead to her booking a yoga retreat in Costa Rica

As she told me about her experience in Costa Rica her blue eyes began to light up a sure sign to me, that her spirit was awake and she reeled off all her fulfilling life experiences and the clarity she had gained from attending her first ever yoga festival.

Other ways to introduce the benefits of yoga and meditation.   

Yoga festivals are a great way to introduce yoga and meditation into your life through exploring:

  • different types of yoga
  • meeting new people
  • considering new lifestyle habits

So how can all this help you I hear you ask?

Well a yoga festival is a great introduction to the emotional cleansing process. Yoga is becoming extremely popular nowadays. As people are waking up to the idea that it is more than being bendy! It is an essential guide to being able to listen in to what your body truly needs and what you body truly wants so you can make clearer decisions which serve you well.

Here are Yummy Yoga Girl’s 11 benefits of yoga and meditation


Specialist yoga practises – Practise different types of yoga disciplines 

Yoga is so much more accessible nowadays. You may even be confused at all the different types.

  • Hatha
  • Vinyasa
  • Ashtanga and the list goes on.

There are specialisms growing, with various yoga disciplines now being tailored to suit differing lifestyles and life stages, from yoga for children, to yoga with an emphasis on mindfulness for corporate business executives to sportsman. So whatever it is you need from yoga you can get the chance to discover this at your course and leave with a better understanding for what’s right for you. 

  1. More than just yoga moves – Digest and get excited about the philosophy of yoga 

There is a whole new exiting level of yoga to be discovered beyond the physical asanas – including disciplines such as

  • concentration
  • self study
  • surrender to cosmic intelligence
  • breathing
  • meditation
  • non judgement.

All the above attributes can be an exciting integration to your practise and will offer you the ability to create a clearer mindset for positive thinking and lead to clarity and increased levels of wellbeing.

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  1. Meet like minded people – Make long term connections with other yogi’s 

Yoga is a discipline that we can incorporate into our daily lives. We can practice at home, in the park, in the garden, with our family. Have you ever noticed how you walk into a room full of strangers and one person catches your eye.

And this person is the one you remain friends with and have much in common with. This will be the case too at a yoga course, offering yourself the chance to meet like minded people and you can comfort and encourage each other to embrace your new yogini lifestyles.  

  1. Face your limiting beliefs – Learn why yoga benefits your physical and mental health

As the number of people practicing yoga increases, the more it has become accepted, mainstream and taken seriously. Year on year more clinical studies are released evidencing the physical and mental health benefits. Personally, I have seen a growing awareness and appreciation that yoga is not an easy option, neither is it a quick fix. Confusion precedes clarity so keep reading to discover more of this clear thinking mindset.

  1. Make new connections – A unique chance to talk to teachers and be inspired 

The teachers are passionate about their jobs and love inspiring people. Exploring new teachers work is a unique chance to connect with the teachers and indulge in their stories and enthusiasm for their teachings. And learn about retreats they may run and of course why they practise yoga. 

  1. Benefit your health straight away – learn simple poses to reduce pain 

You will be surprised at how some yoga disciplines such as yin yoga restore health back to your body easily and quickly. So in just one session you can leave your mat feeling more flexible and have a greater feeling of freedom of movement, perhaps even loose that pain you have been experiencing. 

  1. Meet the 21st Century health pioneers – Have fun learning why to go green

Whether you are attending a specific yoga course for beginners or a yoga course for healthy living, you will experience moments of laughter, joy, frustration as yoga invites you to

  1. look within
  2.  question your present mindset
  3. ask why you do things in the way that you do.

8. Escape the demands of modern life – Experience non judgement in a safe environment 

When you are in a class with other like minded people you have opened yourself up to the practise of non judgement. Yoga teachers firmly believe this to be the case and believe that this integrated and holistic approach to life is what people are looking for.

Yoga is more than escaping the many demands placed upon us as individuals. It is about you celebrating your individuality. Yoga is not about competition and comparing yourself to others, it’s about listening to your bodies and working to build core strength, both mentally and physically at a pace and time of life suitable for you. 

Michelle Wilkie

9. Simplify your life – Develop an awareness of how to integrate yoga into your lifestyle 

Our world is undergoing a period of accelerated change; politically, economically and technologically. And with that comes a feeling of uncertainty, a questioning of our place, our role and, ultimately, our sense of self. Yoga allows us to

  • reconnect with our selves
  • to consciously slow down
  • focus inwards
  •  inject a sense of calm amongst the chaos and hectic nature of the world around us.

It enables us to think clearer by emptying our minds of distractions, to be kind to ourselves and to try and simplify our lives.

10. Spice up your cupboards – Learn about the benefits of Fair trade, Green Living and Sustainable Fashion. 

This is another fantastic opportunity to learn about the yogini living ethos. And companies who are investing their time and money into developing products which are good for the environment and sourced in a conscious manner.

11. Achieve your lifestyle goals – Gain the “yoga love” bug. 

And finally, focusing on yourself will invite you to be motivated to discover more about yoga. Imagine how you will feel and all the benefits it will have on your life for the long term.  

The final low down on the 11 benefits of yoga and meditation. 

Practising yoga and meditation will offer you the chance to practise different types of disciplines, meet like minded people, learn about green living and explore the philosophy of yoga.

It will most importantly offer you:

  1. the confidence to build a renewed sense of purpose
  2. gain the determination to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals
  3. bring a feeling of being centred and grounded

This in turn will allow you more freedom and from this you will discover more passion for life and all that it brings your way and get a greater sense of clarity towards what it is that truly serves you.

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Written by Natalie Farrell | 21 Sep