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3 daily self care habits for Autumn

Creating self care rituals are very important. Especially at times of change. In October our external environment begins to go through many changes. These changes although beautiful to the eye can have a strong effect on the body.

For some of us it can cause symptoms such

  • over eating
  • tiredness
  • not wanting to socialise
  • loss of libido
  • Seasonal affective disorder

Daily self care rituals for change

Let’s change the picture of you this Autumn using daily self rituals so you can move from tired yoga girl to energetic yoga girl…

How to daily create a self care ritual.:

Education – Understanding – Prevention 

The body wants to be well. And adapt the best it can for you. The lack of light creates an affect to your hormones which in turn affects your sleep patterns and appetite. In order for you to take action the daily self care rituals offer you a chance to care for your body and offer it what it needs internally to match the external environment.


Preparation is the key to Prevention.

Have you got friends who never get ill? Ask them how they prepare for the winter ahead. What exercises do they practise? What foods do they eat? Which natural supplements do they take? This way you can begin to take action and prevent yourself from those yucky bugs and illnesses. 


3 ways to stay healthy in Autumn 

Time to take action and achieve less reaction – Now you know the benefits of these preparations. Let’s discover 3 ways to keep your body on it’s wellness journey. Plus a bonus effect of staying warm using natural methods.


So let’s start so you can keep your natural light shining during the darkest of days. 

Yummy Yoga Girl Ritual One

Create fire in your belly – Breath of Fire – Breathing practise.

The breath of fire is a breath practise with a closed mouth which uses fast rapid movements of the stomach to ignite the circulation system and improve the respiratory system. 

Other benefits include: 

  • release of toxins in the body
  • expands lung capacity  
  • strengthens the nervous system

Setting up Breath of Fire 

Begin in a comfortable seated position

Close your mouth and place your right hand underneath your nose

Inhale through your nose and then exhale by slightly closing the throat as you exhale to create a constricted sound. 

Try again and make sure the breath is coming out of your nose (you can release your hand if it is.)

Now focus on your belly. As you breath out pull your belly in and up. Place your right hand on your belly and notice how the stomach muscles harden. 

Breath of fire complete exercise 

Now you have the technique start with 10 rapid repetitions exhaling through the nose and engaging the inner life and lock with the belly. 

After the 10 repetitions inhale and exhale normally for 2-3 breaths 

Repeat breath of fire 2-3 times. 

As this technique feels more natural to you increase the repetitions to 15, 20,25 etc 

A yoga sequence to boost the circulation 

Following from the breath of fire exercise move yourself to a standing position with your feet hip width apart. 

The following 4 poses help to create length in the spine and back of the body. Hold each pose for 15-30 breaths.

Allow your breath to guide you and begin to direct the breath into the areas which feel tight in the body…you are now beginning to:

  • Improve your circulation which in turn pumps more blood around your body 
  • Encourage myofascial release.  

Pose 1 – Stretch your arms above your head and come onto you right toes and now stretch your left arm towards the sky. Hold for 5 breaths then swap sides. Repeat 3 times each time aiming to reach the arm higher.

 Pose 2 Now begin to bend forward at the hips. Visualise lengthening your spine and bring your focus on your breath. Hold for 15-30 breaths. As a variation you can gently support your hands on your thighs. Using them like struts to help you lengthen the spine and crate more space for the blood to flow between the vertebra.

 Pose 3 Move your hands to the floor and come onto your finger tips your hands are cupped and away from the floor. Heel toe your feet until they are wider than your hips. Walk the hands forward into wide legged downward dog. This pose is great for releasing the lower back and the hamstrings. Encourage positive thoughts as the back of your body may feel tight and you may experience feelings that are uncomfortable. Direct your inhale to these areas to create more flexibility in your body. 

Pose 4 –  Now walk your hands back between your legs turning the fingers away from you now. This is beautiful again on the hamstrings an has more of a focus on the upper back. Focus on filling the inhale into the sides of your lungs expanding the small muscles around the lungs and ribs.

Fresh ginger and lemon Tea…

Making your own tea can be such fun. This tea is so simple and all you need is 5cm of ginger grated up and then add 2 slices of organic lemon. You can add honey if you need sweetness. It is yummy all by itself though. 

As you begin to improve your circulation through this routine write down all the benefits you notice to your skin, sleeping patterns, metabolism and mood. 

How can you create you own self care routine to improves your health. Share your rituals with friends as they are a really fun path to establishing healthy patterns within your life.


A chance to create long and lasting yoga rituals learning from the UK’s leading teachers.

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Written by Natalie Farrell | 09 Oct