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YYG Yoga Pose of the Month

3 steps to creating a successful home yoga practise.

Find your natural flow and get your body in full movement. 

This month we are exploring a sequence based around low lunge and psoas release.

In this blog you will learn how to stay present and alert for movement to occur naturally. Discover how to use a mantra, let go of controlling your practise and keep your body moving with constant fluid movements. Plus at the end I share a 12 minute vinyasa flow sequence,

 3 steps so you can create a successful home yoga practise.

1. Allow your body to be your teacher.

I love this principle as a mantra for developing my connection with my own body. And as a teacher I stay in tune with my body at all times as this encourages my pupils to find the same connection.

2. Let go of control

So you have set your mantra. Now the beauty of movement arises as you begin to unwind the body through the practise of yoga. Letting go is a term which came into my life 10 years ago during my time as a singer. This principle allows you to find connection with the unconscious in order to follow rather than lead.

3. Join in the dance

It’s all about having a go and accepting…if you become frustrated and give up. Ask yourself “if I had spent the time on improving the movement or new skill where would I be now?”

I believe everybody is an awesome body. The body, which of course has a mind too, is capable of infinite possibilities, more than it realises. Your practise invites you to connect to your body and as you do so have you noticed how the mind chatter seems to just simply disappear?

That’s the part which feels really good and revitalising. And why I believe yoga is becoming an integral part of many people’s routines now. Sign up to our newsletter and enjoy a free yoga workout video and £10 towards a yummy yogawear kit.

Written by Natalie Farrell | 23 Nov