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Top 7 eco gift ideas for yoga lovers

Living a yoga lifestyle is rewarding and enriching. In this blog we recommend to you 7 gift ideas for yoga lovers. Introducing you to 8 amazing independent brands who endorse eco living and work with their team to educate people on the benefits of buying with a conscious.

Top 7 gift ideas for yoga lovers around the world.

1. YOGA MATS – This is a number one must for the yoga lover. The mat is like a second home to them and needs to be of good quality and strength. We recommend the beautiful colourful eco friendly mats from Wolf and Mermaid and the unique round yoga mat from The Form – voted Telegraph’s Top 8 yoga mats 2018

The Form Yoga Mats

The Form Circular Yoga Mat

2. MEDITATION SCENTS – Creating a beautiful relaxing atmosphere for a yoga practise and meditation is an essential part of a yoga lovers routine. Natural organic scents made form essential oils are the best for health benefits. And when it comes to candles choosing eco soy is the ultimate choice. We recommend 2 products from 58 HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE as featured in Vogue Balancing room mist and Uplifting Eco Soy Candle

organic skincare

58 Lifestyle Organic Skincare Range

3. HIS AND HER ORGANIC T SHIRTS – What they wear on their skin is important to the yoga lover. Organic cotton and bamboo are soft to the touch and great for the skin. We recommend YUMMY YOGA GIRL organic cotton tee and Free Spirit Unisex cotton and bamboo tank 

organic cotton tee

Yummy Yoga Girl Organic Cotton Tee

4. HIS AND HER SPIRITUAL JEWELLERY – Jewellery is symbolic. A reminder to yoga lovers as to why they practise yoga and offers comfort and beauty also into their lives. Ethically sourced products are a true sign of devotion and can make the wearer feel comforted and calm. For those on a true spiritual path we recommend ELIZABETH CAROLINE LONDON Embracing Change unisex Black Onyx Mala and for those who love crystal healing Buddha Gemstone Yoga pendent 

Mala Beads

Embracing Change onyx Mala Bead

5. No Nasties! EYE PILLOWS! Relaxation and rest is one of the key ingredients to a healthy lifestyle. Eye pillows offer the yoga lover the chance to dive into deep relaxation. We recommend WOLF AND MERMAID paradise dream eye pillow – made with “uniquely printed organic silk and filled with 100% organic dried lavender and Moretoyoga homemade lavender and chamomile eye pillow for it’s beautiful uplifting scent.

yoga eye pillow

Paradise Dream Eye Pillow

6. YOGA LEGGINGS – Introduce your yoga lover to active wear with a conscious. ZOLA EVE is a new brand based in London. The prints are stunning and all the products are made from plastic bottles. They are super soft and body sculpting and good for the environment too. We recommend  wild thing tribal print  

7. YOGA RETREAT – If you are looking for the ultimate gift for your yoga lover. A gift which you can both share and grow together. We recommend Saragossa Yoga and Food retreat. Join in with the yoga lovers dream experience and enjoy star gazing, downward dog with the Zebras, farm to plate meals and sunrise mountain breakfasts. Plus practise with top yoga teachers in this romantic experience of a lifetime. SARAGOSSA YOGA RETREAT – As featured by Yoganect.

yoga teacher hands above head

Elnura Ashimova Yoga Teacher and Founder of Yoganect

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Written by Natalie Farrell | 26 Nov