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Wolf and Mermaid – a career changing story

Wolf and Mermaid – a career changing story 

In this blog you will discover a story of true spirit and honest bravery. How one lady decided to change her career and start her own yoga business. Moving out of her comfort zone and trusting that her decisions would lead her to a better path.

The story behind Wolf and Mermaid – A conscious holistic brand with powerful and colourful artistic designs, built on strength and fluidity.

Written by Eve Hardcastle 

The wolf in me I think has always been there.

She’s hidden as she often is in most women. Inside though, I’ve always had strong instincts. I’ve always known when to run. I’ve always been able to hunt and fiercely protect.

The hunt for something bigger – getting out of London 

After 7 years roaming in London, my Wolf was on the hunt for something bigger, something deeper. London as magical as it had been, is also a tough place at the best of times. It is so rich in creativity and yet it had sucked me dry of my own creativity.

I felt stuck in a job I didn’t enjoy and trapped in a bad relationship and felt lost in a city that didn’t feel like it loved me back. I felt as though all the colour in my life had drained out like ink down the plug hole.

After much fighting against the inevitable, I decided to leave my full-time office job and found the strength to leave a very abusive relationship. I left London and I booked a trip to Bali.

Finding your greater purpose 

Why Bali? Something just came over me, I just had to go, to get out of London. I felt I needed to retreat from fighting. And Bali looked like the perfect place for that. The Wolf in me, she was searching for new ground, looking for a greater purpose.

 If you haven’t been to Bali you must. The visit to Bali was everything I needed, its cheesy to say but it healed me. It’s amazing when you listen to your heart where it will lead you.

Connect with your vulnerability- Crying is OK. 

In Bali, crying happened, healing happened, but in the gaps in between I found all these new colours of aqua blues, oranges, jungle greens, bright pinks, sunset colours I’d never seen before all blurring past me in quick wonderful moments. It filled my creative cup, it filled me with happiness and joy.

I started to capture all these colours with my camera, then with paints in note books. Trying to absorb all of them. To drink them up. It became a hunting game of colour combinations and bleedings of colours, the sheer joy of anything bright captured. I hadn’t felt this connected to creativity in years.

Protectors of the planet. Wolf and Mermaid is a way of life. 

The one place I thought I would find colour the most was in the shores of Gilii. We went on a snorkelling trip and I was so excited. I’ve always been a mermaid, ever since I was a little girl I have loved being in the water. I used to spend hours in the bath practicing holding my breath and pretending I had a mermaid’s tail. From all the colours on land I’d seen I thought I would find even more underwater.

We plunged in over the edge of the boat into the blue, and all colour disappeared. The coral was white and grey for miles. The coral was dead, broken and drained of all life and colour. I knew this feeling.

Reconnecting with your soul purpose 

I swam away from the group, continuing my hunt for colour, for life. The further I went the further I could no longer see anything but dead coral. I got a deep pang in my chest, how could we of done this? I knew it was us. I knew it was environmental. I knew this was unnatural. I knew it was out of balance.

On the boat trip back to land I started thinking.

How could I help save the oceans I was swimming in? How could I contribute to the healing on the earth? Just the way these waters and lands had healed me? How could I keep this creativity alive in me, how could I create these colours I’d witnessed? I wanted to share this creativity this joy I had found.

Go beyond your comfort zone into the unknown 

The Wolf in me had brought me forward, had made the moves to make me travel. The Mermaid had brought the fluidity and creativity. The two came together to start work on a new project. I reconnected to all my creativity again. It flooded through me, Mermaid started painting and collecting colours. Wolf started building a business plan, something I’d never done before and I started to venture out into the unknown on a new adventure.

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Wolf and Mermaid was born. Passionately devoted to bringing colour back into my life and into the lives of others, a brand build for conscious beings and wild souls. My yoga and my art, my Wolf and my Mermaid, blended into one being. Spreading colour one yoga practice at a time.

Eve xx

Founder of Wolf and Mermaid


An eco-friendly supply chain for the different, the unique, the individuals. 

Wolf and Mermaid launched in 2018 and gives 10% of their profits to The Coral Reef Alliance to help preserve and protect our coral reefs.

All of Wolf and Mermaid products are made from eco-friendly materials, 100% organic filling, and non-toxic dyes. To find out more visit the website here 

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