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How to take time to look after your mind body and soul


Sustainability, mindfulness and taking time to look after your mind, body and soul by Michal Cohen – Sagi Founder of 58 Lifestyle Brand 


So many of us are guilty of being stuck in fast-forward…living our lives at an unmanageable pace that involves constant juggling and increased stress levels just to get through the days. Despite striving to find the optimum work / life balance, there is a definite shift towards work and stress is becoming an increasingly real health hazard. I personally experienced the ill effects of taking on too much, working 20-hour days and sacrificing my personal life and time for the sake of a corporate career. Eventually the brain fog cleared,and I realised that this was not a lifestyle that I could maintain in good health.

When my husband and I set up the 58 Wellbeing Centre, our intention was to help people to regain control of their health and their lives by offering a 360-degree approach to rounded wellbeing. Having both come from corporate backgrounds and as working parents, we understand all too well the challenges of day to day life and how easy it is to lose focus on yourself. Lack of time is a constant challenge and the main reason why so many people adopt unhealthy eating habits (skipping meals, intaking high levels of caffeine or choosing quick, sugary or high calorie fixes) and become more sedentary.  Equally, sleep and rest time is compromised, with more time spent working or using technology.


What we have always intended was to re-educate people on how to manage their time whilst being mindful of their wellbeing in order to remain as healthy as they can. Our clinic is home to experts in al disciplines of western, natural, emotional and physical practices that help clients in all aspects of their health. When I created the 58 Lifestyle brand, it was initially to provide our clinic clients the opportunity to create a home ritual to extend the feeling of wellbeing away from the clinic. I worked on the Balancing Blend fragrance formula for over three years to ensure that each ingredient would trigger a positive response in all those that would sample it. The result is an incredibly uplifting and harmonising natural scent that generates very real results and is now the integral essence of our brand.

Having always maintained that natural ingredients are more powerful and beneficial that synthetic products, I was committed to only working with organic producers with sustainable accreditation and I am proud to have created a collection of eco-friendly luxury pampering products that is manufactured and packaged ethically. Our botanical extracts are sourced from the UK and internationally, but all our manufacturing is done in the UK (in both London and Wales) by skilled artisans who meticulously measure and extract the various ingredients and essences to ensure that the Balancing Blend maintains its powerful healing properties in eachproduct.

Our entire collection is designed to work together; as such, we created a range of home scent products to be used at home and away to generate a positive ambience at all times. The iconic Room Mist is our best-selling product and it spritzes the fresh and uplifting scent all around using only natural oils and water so is safe for even the most sensitive of noses. The candles are all made from hand-poured soy wax and burn cleanly thanks to the wooden wick. After much demand, we introduced travel sizes of the candles and room mists so that the Balancing Blend could always promote wellbeing for our customers.

The body and skincare products can be combined and layeredat will. The bath oil disperses under running water to release the essential oils that soothe sore muscles and niggling aches whilst helping the mind to switch off as you transition to down-time. The washes all create a generous foam despite being entirely natural and our highly emollient creams penetrate deeply into the skin to maintain optimum hydration throughout the day.


58 Lifestyle is designed to promote wellbeing all around but what we really hope is that it will encourage people to make time for themselves wherever possible. Mental and physical health are so important and just being more mindful and creating all-important “me” time as regularly as possible is one of the best ways to counteract the effects of stress. Creating an evening ritual to transition to rest is a fantastic way to help improve sleep patterns and regenerate the mind the mind and body. Taking off your day and changing into comfortable clothing before going to bed is a very simple way to make way for more restful sleep ensuring that you start your next day with renewed energy and positivity.

Mindfulness and wellbeing really can be easily achieved and one of the simplest things that we suggest is simply lighting a candle. On those occasions when you are working at home, feeling challenged by situations or struggling to let go of your day, make your environment as relaxing and soothing as possible by switching to lower level lighting and appreciating the soothing flicker of candle light.

Finding time for yourself is not about self-indulgence, it is about self-care and preservation of your health. Life is for living and 58 Lifestyle was introduced to help you live your life with a balanced, mind, body and soul.

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Written by Natalie Farrell | 14 Feb