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5 reasons why Eco Friendly Yoga Mats are better for your practise

So you are starting to get serious about your practise now. And buying a mat is on your to do list. What you don’t realise just yet is that this mat is going to be with you a long time.

We wanted to share 5 reasons why Eco Friendly Yoga Mats are better for your practise. And introduce you to our first eco friendly yoga mat for sale here now at Yummy Yoga Girl from Wolf and Mermaid.

Your yoga mat will see you through sweat, tears and life changing moments. So choosing one that is good for you, supports your practise and your health is of the up most importance.

Here are the 5 reasons why we recommend Wolf and Mermaid eco friendly yoga mats for your practise.

1 – Eco Friendly Soft Absorbent Fibre

When it comes to relaxation, cold rubber isn’t the most comfortable to lye down and relax on. As the temperature of your body drops so does the rubber. With Wolf and Mermaid mats you get a gentle soft brush of gorgeous eco-friendly microfibre. Plus They are absorbent as well as soft so when cleaning your mat, you can smell nothing rubbery or nasty.

2 – Non Toxic Rubber 

Wolf and mermaid yoga mats are made from tree rubber which is 100% eco-friendly and natural. Another great benefit of using this 100% natural and eco friendly rubber yoga mat is that is is non toxic. So as you flow on the mat you aren’t breathing in that strong rubber scent instead you can breath deeply and odour free. If you like the power of scents during your practise uplift your experience even further with aromatherapy room mist which doubles up as a yoga mat spray too.

3 – Better for your joints 

Wolf and Mermaid’s yoga mats are 3mm thick. What does this mean and why is extra padding important? Well it means you don’t need to fold your mat over or use two mats when it comes to protecting your joints or knees. The key to a good yoga practice is looking after your joints. Love your bones and love your body with extra thick cushioning.

4 – Non slip technology

Often people assume that they will slip before even trying a Wolf and Mermaid mat. The microfibre chosen at Wolf and Mermaid uses a non-slip technology therefore the mats work alongside you and with you in your practice. The more you use the mats, the less you’ll slip. The microfibre can be worked into and increasingly will support your practice and you. We recommend this blog for further reading to learn more about finding the best yoga mat for you with traction, support, and versatility.

5. Improve your mood with colour 

Colour has been scientifically proven to improve people’s wellbeing and moods, and even people’s sleep! In a study ran by Professor Stephen Westland at the University of Leeds, results showed that colour and light can affect our sleep, emotions and our wellbeing. These eco friendly yoga mats are original pieces of artwork all digitally printed using non toxic dyes. Discover more ways  to look after your mind and body.

Welcome some strong and soft, eco-friendly,colour therapy into your yoga practice, check out the 6 Wolf and Mermaid eco friendly yoga mat designs here. We can’t wait for you to discover how great your practise will be.

Written by Natalie Farrell | 13 Mar