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Top tips for a mindful Easter break

Let’s be honest, when you think of Easter, do you think of a nice relaxing time or a frantic few weeks where you’re struggling to entertain the kids and stop them eating their weight in chocolate?

Change it up this Easter by following our top ideas for a mindful Easter break:


Introduce them to the Yogini Lifestyle

As well as the physical benefits of yoga some of the many other benefits include a clearer mindset, better concentration and self-esteem. All of which are hugely important to pass onto your children to nurture their mental health and wellbeing.

Do some yoga together at home or take your practice outside in the sunshine. We love the Wolf and Mermaid yoga mats and meditation pillows which are made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Read more about their benefits here

Cosmic Kids is a brilliant website and YouTube channel which teaches yoga, mindfulness and relaxation through child-friendly, fun content. They’ll be begging you to do another yoga session once they’ve completed a few of these funky sessions.


Cook together

Not only does cooking together help kids to develop their hands-on practical skills in the kitchen, but it encourages reading, maths, patience and most importantly it’s a great time for families to spend quality time together, bonding over food, fun and the satisfaction of creating a healthy meal together.

Involving children in the kitchen from a young age also cultivates a habit and by following healthy recipes they’re more likely to be easily encouraged away from the unhealthy foods and more accepting of a varied diet. Healthy Little Foodies is a great website that has tonnes of ideas aimed towards cooking as a family or check out our favourite recipe at the moment here


Get active as a family

The weather is set to be nice for the Easter break, so get them outside and away from the TV and Ipads. The National Trust is hosting a range of different activities across the UK including egg hunts, Easter crafts, nature walks and lambing, many of which are free or very affordable.


Set Achievable Goals

Give yourself a small achievable goal this Easter Holiday, whether it is spending quality time with your family and friends, being mindful of slowing down and to stop rushing for 4 days, or even if it is finishing that book you’ve been reading.  Think of something you would love to do for yourself, with your family or with your friends and make sure you set time aside to be able to spend quality time on this.


Take time for yourself

It’s important during these school holidays to spend time together as a family but in order to enjoy this, you need to take time for yourself too. Even if its 15 minutes while they’re in bed it’s so important to stay centred. The Nourished Mum affirmation Cards are amazing little reminders to stop putting yourself last. Pick a card daily or whenever you need a little boost.


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Written by Natalie Farrell | 18 Apr