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International Yoga Day – Ethical Jewellery Brands for Modern Day Yogini’s

Ethical fashion has been on our radar for a while now but 2019 has definitely seen a massive increase in awareness, with high street brands and luxury designers alike making the move to a more sustainable and ethical future.

At the British Fashion Awards this year The Duchess Of Sussex said “The culture of fashion has shifted from one where it was cool to be cruel, to now, where it’s cool to be kind” which is a quote that has really struck a cord with us.

But what is ethical fashion? The exact term varies but for us ethical fashion means only using ethically accredited suppliers with fair wages and working conditions, using sustainable and lower impact materials, and ensuring that the whole supply chain has the lowest possible impact on the environment.

The fashion industry is definitely making a positive change to the future of sustainable clothing but a lot of people forget to opt for ethical accessories. We often have a deep connection to our jewellery so why not use yours to further express yourself and match your values by supporting and empowering others and helping create a better future for our planet.

Here are our 5 favourite ethical jewellery brands:


Elizabeth Caroline

Elizabeth’s beautiful range of fair trade jewellery and mala beads are hand crafted in India and support local women who are living on the poverty line. Her spiritually inspired jewellery aims to support personal growth and happiness. A qualified healer herself, Elizabeth blesses every mala bead herself.

Shop her Mala’s on our website HERE or visit for her full range of jewellery.



Marie’s amazing minimalist jewellery is both timeless and versatile. Each piece is carefully thought out and designed before being hand-crafted from 100% recycled scrap silver.

Nouare is inspired by geometric forms, ethnic tribes, lines and things with a sharp edge.  

Shop Nouare jewellery on our website HERE or visit for the full range of jewellery.

Kate Wainwright

Kate designs a stunning range of 100% recycled silver jewellery including our favourite mantra necklaces. All her jewellery is handmade in the little workshop at the back of Kate’s house and made using ethically sourced materials and sent out in recycled packaging.

Kate believes we all have a responsibility for the world we live in and should treat it with respect.

Shop Kate Wainwright jewellery on our website HERE or visit for the full range of jewellery.

Pocket Song Bird

Pocket Song Bird believe in jewellery that’s made to last and their striking collection is handmade using 14k gold filled and ethically sourced crystals. Elegant, classic and carefully built to last, their pieces embrace and encourage the minimalist lifestyle, in favour of making conscious decisions on what’s important in life.

Visit for Pocket Song Birds jewellery.

The Sea Tree Company

The Sea Tree Company make gorgeous sterling silver jewellery and mindful gemstone jewellery which encourage us to find our happy and wear our intentions. Each stone has a meaning and helps to de-stress, find balance and focus on your well-being. Olivia the founder of The Sea Tree Company believes in supporting small businesses. And sources her gemstones from a geology student in Somerset. Part of her ethos is also the mental benefit you get from being outdoors which is why you’ll often see sea and mountain posts on her instagram and incorporated into her designs too. 

Visit for The Sea Tree Company jewellery.


Written by Natalie Farrell | 17 Jun