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5 Things to consider when buying yoga clothes

Buying yoga clothes can be a little overwhelming with so much choice now on the market. So where do you start? What should you be considering?

Firstly, with the amazing you

Yoga is a journey of self-realization and a celebration of you, your inner self and your inner beauty so start with yourself when looking for yoga clothing. Whether you want to express yourself with neutral colours or bold, vibrant colours and patterns, you can choose clothing which reflects your style and symbolises the inner you.


There is now a wide range of both synthetic and natural yoga clothing available on the market but here at YYG we love wearing organic cotton and bamboo yoga clothing because the natural fabrics benefit our psyche, energy and nervous system and feel amazing next to the skin. Organic yoga clothing will be slightly more expensive than synthetic but will last so much longer and has a positive impact on the environment.


To make sure you can focus on your yoga practise you should choose yoga wear that is comfortable and feels like a second skin. Avoid tight waistbands and sleeves that will restrict your movement.  We would recommend high waisted yoga leggings so they don’t fall down when you’re doing more dynamically sequenced movements. Your sports bra should provide support and coverage while your yoga top should be comfortable and allow good air flow to the body. For the colder months, a cover-up or sweater is great for throwing on after your practice.


The clothing you choose will work alongside you in your journey and as you are investing in yourself, you should invest in your clothes. Recent advances in yoga clothing styles and designs have made them adaptable and stylish enough to wear every day and stand up to the rigours of regular workouts. Look for yoga clothing brands that promote versatility within their ranges.

What is important to you?


Before looking for yoga clothing you need to think about what is important to you. Is it the price of the clothing? Whether the clothes are eco-friendly or made locally? Do you want to support small businesses? Buy from suppliers that support your values and choose clothes that make you smile and make you feel amazing.

The Yummy Yoga Girl range has been created for the modern yogini who is passionate about natural living and filling her life with colour. Our materials and products are chosen specifically so you can educate yourself towards living a sustainable lifestyle.

Natalie xx


Written by Natalie Farrell | 12 Jul