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Finding Your Flow – Achieve Positive Outcomes

Finding Your Flow – Achieve Positive Outcomes

How do you talk to yourself? Take care of yourself? Perceive yourself? It’s easy to listen to the self-sabotaging chatter and limiting beliefs which occupy your mind day and night. But what if you turned this chatter around and saw yourself being wholly resourceful and joining in with the flow of life?


Yoga is not something you do! Yoga is a way of life. An integrational dance between surrender and acceptance. Starting where you are is a great Sankalpa (Sanskrit for intention) for you to set at the beginning of your yoga practice.


On a physical level, this intention sets off positive neurons from the brain. Think of them like positive little messengers which then communicate with your internal feedback system, otherwise known as your nervous system. This, in turn, invites a higher level of awareness into your psyche, reminding you, that it is ok for each day and practice to be different.


What exactly is Flow?


“Flow is the art of staying fresh and alive, like a river, in touch and present with the flowing changes of the moment in our practice and in our life.” Ganga White author of Yoga Beyond Belief.


The art of flow within Yoga is to help build strength, gain flexibility and tap into your bodies intelligence system. But there are two more heartful ways to perceive the concept of flow within yoga:


Joining with the flow – a mindful practice which guides you to know what is right for your body on any particular day or moment.

Being the flow – connecting with your true essence of Spirit, so you can delve deep and trust your instinct.



What’s stopping you getting into your flow?



A typical self-sabotaging belief which yoga teachers often hear is “I can’t do that pose. I am not strong or flexible enough!”


The word Yoga means to join in with. Therefore, language patterns that include words like can’t, should, ought, need to, and must act as a barrier both on and off the mat.


They act as limiting beliefs. When repeated often they can manifest themselves on an unconscious level and lead to self-sabotaging behaviour. Preventing you from getting the most out of your practice. You can learn more about this subject in Natalie’s blog Breathing for life – The doorway to speaking your truth.



What’s stopping you being the flow?



How does your body feel different when you say…let me trust that my body is safe and open to accept, let go and surrender to the flow.



Perhaps you have been practising yoga for a year now, and you are still fighting with the discomfort that a pose such as downward dog, presents within your body. Or, you were achieving a great handstand practice and then had the misfortune of an injury?


How you approach your own physical and mental barriers when faced with a challenge is vital to your emotional response. This reaction affects the overall experience.


“If you want your life to be more rewarding, you have to change the way you think” Oprah Winfrey


To find out how to release old identities check out the full article In The Moment Magazine issue 33 




Written by Natalie Farrell | 01 Jan