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Meditation for positivity

How to use supportive words to find flow and refine your yoga practice

Postive Language Meditation

Talking out loud to ourselves can help us achieve a flow state. I’ve been practising this for a very long time as a singer and public speaker it is the best way to practise getting over pre nerves and making sure that the content you want to share flows.

I ended last week by saying no to a new business venture and if I am damned 2 hours later a new and incredible invite came into my mail.

I am a little late with this newsletter as I have been recording my first radio show – Tilly Talks – which is to be broadcasted each Sunday morning on Wellbeing Radio both in the UK, Canada and USA.

Now I knew something beautiful was on my horizon. And boy oh boy am I glad I found it in my heart to open up be true to me and say NO.

Below I share my latest meditation with you. I invite you to record yourself saying it out loud and use it as a mindful practise either before your yoga session or at the beginning and end of the day.

Don’t worry that it has no commas or full stops this is a sure way to help you slow down your pace as you read out loud and you can add the pauses where you think is best.

“as you breathe in you notice how it feels to join in with the flow as you relax into this new way of being you know what it’s like to feel bliss calm and tranquillity the more you join in the easier it is for you to move this feeling through all aspects of your life moving freely and effortlessly now you are great at listening to your body’s needs and paying attention to the tension within it and releasing it to love”

Written by Natalie Farrell | 15 Jan