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5 steps to The Art of Bold and Beautiful Living

Are you ready to make a bold move? 

“Remember it’s more than a dream. It is a devotion to staying true to who you are, remaining present and aware of that you can achieve more than you can dream.”

The above quote came to me one day as I was walking to work. An aha moment that the dream wasn’t enough it needed to be fulfilled so I could make the space for what lay beyond that dream. And to achieve this I needed to get over my stuff and ask for help so I could be amazing and reach millions of people with my work.

As a wellbeing coach I’m here to ignite in you that spark of creative genius potential which you may be hiding, questioning in a less than positive way or ignoring even. Bringing you to the present moment so you can listen in to your ideas and begin to become unstuck from your place of comfort and move towards a space which offers movement and freedom for life changing experiences. 

Who am I? 

People tell me that when they spend time with me they feel better in themselves and about themselves, they leave me feeling uplifted and they also experience AHA moments through our friendly and authentic conversations. 

“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” Lalah Deliah. 

So I thought I want to meet this girl Natalie. I want to have a conversation with who they are meeting and love talking to. 

From that moment I made a vow – to turn off the negative chatter which was pulling me back and wake up to the endless possibilities life had to offer. 

Stop trying hard and instead start being who you were born to be. 

So I quit my self employed business which I had built-up over 10 years…and leave my 50k plus salary behind me and go on an adventure…

I wrote blogs journalling my challenges and changes and began to truly practise all the self development work i had read about for the past 10 years which had helped me to recover from Bulimia and heal wounds from the disjointed relationship I had with my alcoholic father. 

I began to embody the meaning of freedom, lightness and balance. 

I asked Natalie questions and listened to her answers. I learnt how to be still and create a quiet space for the natural flow of emotions respecting both the positive and negative aspect of these emotions. 

“Rather than being your thoughts and emotions be the awareness behind them.” Ekholt Tolle – The Power of Now. 

The true Natalie wanted to wear bright colourful leggings, speak her truth about being intuitive talk about the visualisations that came to her in an instant and then later on weeks down the line or years even that came true, she wanted to try vegan food, dance freely around a campfire and be a yoga teacher. 

I came up with the F.I.V.E motivators which would be my reminder of how I wanted to live life – my devotion to who I am. 


F.I.V.E Motivators created by Natalie Farrell as part of the YYG Wellbeing Coaching Method

And these would become my new way of living – a cohesive existence of self love, laughter, truth, self reflection and evolution. 

I would like to leave you with my top 5 steps to The Art of Bold and Beautiful Living so you can truly listen to the creative ideas that are being handed to you, believe them and turn them into reality.

Step 1Springboard your way to happiness

Be brave enough to make changes because this is where the development and magic happens. 

To have a go at creating this space and become present I used journalling and springboard sentences such as: 

I’m here today because…

I’m at my most creative when…

In 6 months time I will…

When I leave this room my first action step towards my business goals will be…

Step 2 Be brave enough to make changes because this is where the development and magic happens. 

Once you begin to find this space for yourself you begin to listen more to the positive thoughts that come through. And this is when you realise that the creative idea which pings in like a light switch switching on has merit. It is more than a dream remember it is a devotion to who you are. And if one dream comes true then surely another one can. Now it’s time to turn these creative ideas into reality and move from your comfort zone as this is where the exciting things happen.

Step 3 – Calmness brings clarity 

Now it’s time for that gal you got this thing and say Hello Gut Instinct 

Yes it’s is a real thing – you have over 100 million neutrons also called brain cells in your intestines. The gut is now being referred to by many scientists as the gut – brain. So you can listen to your gut it is talking to you, perhaps even crying out for you to listen.

Find your emotional balance through self development work, journalling, meditation, active listening so the negative chatter in your head can begin to switch off now and you can move beyond your conscious thoughts and actually become aware of them. Observe them even and ask questions like how does this serve me? Is this helping me or holding me back?

Step 4 “Fall in love with your creative ways so your customers can fall in love with you and you can lead them on a journey” Hilary Rushford from Instagram with Intention…

Now you have chased the fears away, start to formulate you message, seek out others who can help you to spread your message…create a vision board…here is my vision board which I created one evening with words that mirrored my values…inspired me…mad me smile…and the deviation to business ideas…which began to grew into what you see today as Yummy Yoga Girl…

Step 5 So many people need what you have to offer in the world.

This may not be a belief you believe about yourself now but it will be. Think back to someone who has influenced you and how you fell in love with them and this lead you to being here today. And how all the information you are learning will then take your idea and energy and enthusiasm to developing and creating emotional balance, financial rewards and the space to breath, be calm and enjoy living life. 

Natalie xx 


Written by Natalie Farrell | 01 May