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How to make constant progress in your yoga business


Building a business is a step by step process. One of my favourite questions to ask myself when I’m dipping into this mindset and am in need of some motivation and focus is “what is the smallest step I can take right now?”

Natalie speaks to Kelly Mchugh from Digital Yoga Academy this month on the methods and models she uses to shape her weeks for constant success.

Somedays I feel like nothing is happening and then I remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day! What is the smallest step you can take right now towards your business goals? 

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Natalie Farrell founder of Yummy Yoga Girl an online wellbeing shop committed to healthy living and offering 21st century Yogini’s a place of inspiration so they can create the ultimate yogini lifestyle. Natalie is a Wellbeing and Yoga Coach and a public speaker, speaking on NLP, wellbeing and hypnotherapy and her own business journey, inspiring others to find and follow their true calling, encouraging them to combine a business with their passion. Natalie founded the boutique yoga wear range Yummy Yoga Girl in 2017 and will be exhibiting at Om Yoga Show this October from the19-21st at London’s Alexandra Palace.

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Kelly is the founder of Digital Yoga Academy and she helps yoga teachers to connect with their students outside of the studio and grow their businesses online. Taking your entrepreneurial spirit and your yoga business and teaching career to a new level!

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Written by Natalie Farrell | 16 Jul