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5 Easy Ways to Transition To Vegan Living

It’s not just for Veganuary! A guide on how to make vegan living your goal with 5 favourite Vegan experiences and products.   

Yoga Entrepreneur and Radio presenter Natalie Farrell reflects on life as a Veganas she shares her month of mouth-watering adventures. 


Biting the bullet and saying NO to a boozy New Year’s Eve. 

The start of 2020 was a powerful one to say the least. I made the decision to change the environment I celebrated my New Year’s Eve.  I chose to spend time with like-minded people in the beautiful Andalusian Hills as I took part in a four-day yoga festival at Wakana Lakes. 

 “The thought of being hungover and feeding my body with unwanted amounts of sugar, chatting a load of nonsense with friends was so unappealing.” 

So, my boyfriend and I agreed that a yoga retreat would be the ideal solution as it would offer us a chance to meet new friends, be healthy, try new moves, foods and grooves! To surround yourself in nature gives you space and this turns into a gift so you can clear your head and mindfully observe the simplicity of the way nature evolves. This certainly came from my experience at Wakana Lakes along with the yummy plant-based food and my new love for dancing wildly. 

Veganuary  5 ways to transition from Vegetarian to Vegan living. 

I’m so intrigued by the various tastes that occur when a few nuts, seeds and veg hit a vita-mix. A true party in your mouth bursting into life then into our bellies as we eat pure lifeforce! So, this invigorating and fresh start to 2020 leads me without a doubt in joining the Veganuary challenge. 

My whole life has been about taking little steps and changes in holistic and green living. The transitions for me over the years have been easy and fun. I have dived into best practises for reducing waste, product research, chatting through ways to make an impact with friends, hunting down the best alternative restaurants around the world and creating blogs. 

Finding joy in the journey along with creating a mental “carbon footprint” wish list has influenced both my business and personal life. I wake up in the morning and treat my whole body to ingredients which are sourced with love and created to innovate and regenerate our ecosystem.

To discover more about my Veganuary Debut I have shared an article with my 5 favourite Vegan products on lifebyequipe you can read the full article here. 


Written by Natalie Farrell | 28 Jan