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Power versus softness – Key Women in Business article

Power Versus Softness? Can A Successful Businesswoman Utilise Both?

Article by Natalie Farrell Founder of Yummy Yoga Girl for Key Women In Business

A woman’s true advantage is that she can draw upon her softness and strength in equal measure when, and where, it is needed. More and more companies are recognising this, which is why we are increasingly finding women in senior and leadership roles or running their own businesses.

From my perspective, the idea of being a successful businesswoman on my own terms meant that I had to question who I was working for and how my input, both mentally, physically and energetically, was affecting my output.  A lifetime quest for sharing knowledge and living a healthy, fulfilled life led to one conclusion… to vow to combine my power and strength with my inherent softness and empathy. In 2015, at the age of 35, this was a key driving force in my career change.

At the time I was a vocal coach and singing teacher, helping people of all ages to find and develop their voices.  My business was successful and had potential to grow, with talk of franchising and taking on more staff.  Whilst I found this rewarding, somehow I knew deep down that this was not my true calling. I needed to be true to myself and I knew this feeling was not going to go away, so I became curious and decided to explore it further, making vision boards, asking myself questions and then questioning the answers too.

I took a journey inside myself, exploring the silence, listening to the stillness, searching for my inner voice.  One thing that had always been clear to me was that I had a natural ability to encourage people to shine and achieve great things. I wanted to continue to encourage people to be the very best versions of themselves, but knew that this must also apply to me.  I needed to push beyond my own boundaries or, to quote internationally renowned yogi Ganga White, to “Stand on the shoulders of the past to find out how to see further into the future”.

I remember how excited I felt at this point.  I had found a sense of relief, as I could give time to exploring other strengths I had, beyond teaching.  I had determined how I wanted my life to be, how I wanted to be different and how I wanted both my business and the way I do business to be different.  This business was going to be an expression of who I am.

Changing career and following my new path was not all plain sailing.  I really felt that I was bringing opposing sides together – the strong, powerful, no-nonsense, straight-talking businesswoman with the serene, balanced and softer approach of the yogini.  Yet even as I wrestled with this, I found there was common ground in my:

  • Commitment to achieve
  • Drive
  • Ambition
  • Determination
  • Focus

So, in January 2017, Yummy Yoga Girl was born and the time had come to make my dreams a reality.  I surrounded myself with experts and drew on my NLP and hypnotherapy training to build my self-belief and work through any doubts which were consciously, or unconsciously, holding me back.  I utilised skills from my previous career and experiences and broadened my horizons by travelling extensively, eventually training and qualifying as a yoga instructor under the tutelage of Ganga White.

Everything was going according to plan, then an opportunity arose which led me to make a “big leap” decision which would enhance the overall experience for my online lifestyle business model.


In September 2017 I launched a boutique yoga-wear range inspired by my passion for slow fashion and sustainable shopping.  I project-managed the entire process and brought a team of talented women together to design and produce a collection of clothes which, I believe, reflect the intricacies of the modern-day woman’s life.  I am creating a brand with the sole purpose of making pioneering women proud of the natural beauty of their bodies, mirroring their, and my own, soft and strong aspects through my choice of material, designs and colours.

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Written by Natalie Farrell | 20 Mar