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Slow Fashion – why it is better for you and the environment

My name is Natalie. I am the founder of Yummy Yoga Girl  a women’s lifestyle brand. I am also a business coach and mentor to slow fashion brands. Ever since I can remember I have supported small boutique brands. I just love supporting a small business because it is made up of someone’s heart and soul.

This month I have been chatting with Wellness HQ about how I shop for clothes these days and why at Yummy Yoga Girl we support slow fashion. The first thing I do when walking into a shop and something catches my attention, is I feel the fabric. I just can’t stop myself! If it feels extra soft to my touch, I make my next move! I look at the tags! Why? Because I am seeking information about:

  1. The material composition – this offers you the consumer information on the quality of the garment

  2. Where the item(s) were made – a closer look at the tag gives you more information on whether the item is supporting eco fashion principles or potentially mass produced. 

  3. The price – quality over quantity means the price will be higher but so important  it in the long run.

Why is ethical fashion important? 

Small brands make smaller quantities per production run which comes at a higher production cost. The brands name nine times out of ten is also new onto the fashion scene. This creates a small struggle for start up businesses as they begin to share their ethos and values and compete with more established brands.

London based entrepreneur Ncheta Dasilva launched Zola Eve in 2018 and risked exactly this. Her collection of luxury active wear is produced in London so to reduce carbon footprint. And the items are made using 78% recycled polyester mostly from discarded fishing nets and carpet.

Ncheta talks openly about her business ethos and values on her website. There are many reasons you will benefit from buying into ethical fashion brands like Ncheta’s below we share our top 5:

  1. The items last longer
  2. They do not smell and wash and dry easily

  3. They feel better next to the skin benefiting your nervous system and psyche.

  4. It minimalizes wastage

  5. Promote the use of non toxic materials therefore use less water and energy to produce

Education is the key to a slow fashion revolution 

What exactly is slow fashion and why do we support it?

“Slow fashion is the movement of creating, designing, and buying garments for longevity and quality. It encourages slower production fair wages, schedules, lower carbon footprint and ideally zero waste.”

My mission was to create a collection which reflects the intricacies of your life as a modern day women – beautiful pieces which flow from the yoga studio, straight to the streets and wherever the days takes you.

Fitness goals for spiritual souls – stylish yoga wear with a twist

Yoga is all about unification. Connecting with yourself, the earth and the natural environment.

We pride ourselves in the comfort of the clothes and love the feedback our customers give us including how pretty the clothes are and how comfortable they are to wear to how much happiness the clothes bring to their lives.

You can match an outfit to suit your mood, the weather, your mood, and in our forthcoming collection you can even match your the moon cycle! I made a conscious vow when I started Yummy Yoga Girl to to support sustainable fashion and educate people on the beauty of buying slow fashion and be as eco-friendly as I could.

We are now venturing into our third collection – The Natural Collection – which is to launch later on in 2019. I can’t tell you when because we are slow fashion!

100% eco – friendly packaging 

“Call it “eco-fashion” if you like but I think its just common sense.”

We love this quote by Livia Firth founder of  Eco-Age. Women like Livia inspire me so I can inspire you! This is why our slower production schedules – help encourage you to buy with the long view in mind and attribute to you reducing your carbon footprint.

Our new packaging is 100% biodegradable too which we are super excited about. The items arrive in  the post to you in a “real dirt bag” made partly from plants. It feels and behaves like plastic except when disposed of. It has no toxic residues (or micro plastics) and is compostable at home.

Padma necklace gold ethical jewellery yummy yoga girl.jpeg
Creating a voice for fellow female entrepreneurs 

Yummy Yoga Girl is developing so much beyond my dreams. We now represent 10 independent brands on the site all with a slow fashion ethos.

As well as eco friendly clothing we have exclusive recycled yoga mats, silver jewellery, eco soy candles and luxury organic skincare.

I work with all the brands as and when they need me to support them on their journey I do and when I need support it is always there. #sisterhood for good!  And together we educate the consumer on the importance of supporting small brands and slow fashion.

You can read the full article here at Wellness HQ 

Written by Natalie Farrell | 18 Jul