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Best Online Yoga Network Launching soon…

Guest Blogger for Yoganect

Natalie is proud to announce she is joining the global yoga movement Yoganect as a guest blogger and supporter to the ever growing social network connecting Yogis around the world.

Yoganect is an online global community providing insightful content, great services, amazing events which match to your specific yoga interests. It’s founders,¬†Elnura and Rene are flying to London in October from the 19-21st, to join 30,000 other yogi’s at Alexandra Palace for the Om Yoga Show. ¬†Natalie will be there too launching the Yummy Yoga Girl AW collection and running an open class on Friday 19th October from 12.30-1pm.

Read more from Elnura and Rene about Yoganect here and why they want to meet more inspiring yogi’s at Om Yoga Show this October.


“Yoganect is more than a social network we want you to experience a special bond to inspire and most importantly to meet and connect with new lifelong friends.”

Rene and Elnura Founders of




Written by Natalie Farrell | 28 Jun