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Green Aventurine Gemstack



A stone of comfort. A shield to block and protect you from other’s negativity. A protector too it is said that wearing this stone creates an emotional calm for the wearer.

Your beautiful Green Aventurine Gemstack is handmade in the UK by Olivia using 6mm Rose Quartz Gemstones, strong stretch elastic and a sterling silver tag with our logo design.

Set you intention – Every stone has a meaning and wearing these Gemstacks can help you stay mindful during the day and your practise.

Helping you seek to a balance way of being for you Ultimate Yogini Lifestyle

  • de-stress
  • focus
  • find balance


Best practise: Please get in the habit of rolling your bracelet on and off your wrist.

Avoid wearing your beautiful piece of jewellery whilst applying creams and suntan lotion.

Its best to take them off before showering, bathing and splashing about in the sea! Don’t wear when using strong cleaning products.


There are many ways of cleansing your crystals.

  • Leave them in the moonlight by placing them on a windowsill overnight.
  • If you have a singing bowl, bring the bowl to ringing and then hold the crystals within the sound field.
  • Use smoking sage. Light a sage bundle and allow the smoke to drift over the crystals.

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Size Guide

S/M cms/inchesM/L cms/inches
Chest:90 / 3595 / 37
Waist:71 / 2877 / 30
Hips:99 / 39 106 / 42
Inside leg:81 / 32 81 / 32