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Natalie Farrell – Founder


Natalie is passionate about people, healthy living and slow fashion. Yummy Yoga Girl was born after recovering from her own battle with an eating disorder. Using yoga as part of her journey to recovery she began to immerse herself into the essence and philosophy of everything devoted to yoga and creating her Ultimate Yogini Lifestyle.

Former vocal coach and singing teacher, Natalie changed career at the age of 35 to realise her business and personal aspirations to inspire people to be the healthiest versions of themselves in terms of mind, body and spirit.

In 2017 Natalie traveled to America to “immerse herself into finding who she truly was” and  trained as yoga teacher, with White Lotus in Santa Barbara and is now an approved teacher by Yoga Alliance. Natalie then devoted the next year to her studies and also qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki healer, Wellbeing Coach and Master Hypnotherapist. 

No stranger to the barriers many people face when changing lifestyle habits, Natalie draws on her own experiences of successfully overcoming an eating disorder in her late teens and early twenties, to taking the courageous step to sell her thriving singing and vocal-coach business to follow her true desire. You can read more about how she recovered from her eating disorder here in a blog she wrote for Om Yoga Magazine.

Natalie now focuses her energies into educating through her businesses which are true and authentic, with a heart-centred approach at their core. Most recently she developed and launched an online coaching space Cosmic Soul School to inspire women to let their soul fuel the way!

“One truly must invite in the tears and face the fears when dealing with moments of change, so then one can accept and embrace their imperfections evoke the rising of the true identity beyond barriers and awaken the spirit and beauty within. Past all these barriers is the point when you can then authentically live a bold and courageous life.”

As a wellbeing advocate she loves to write on the subject of embracing change. Her work has most recently been published in Om Yoga Magazine, The Form, Digital Yoga Academy, Balance Magazine, Key Women in Business and Wellness HQ. Natalie also is a business mentor supporting female entrepreneurs through barriers and moving them through shifts within their own beliefs to continuously develop their business to live a balanced and fulfilled life.

Recent public speaking engagements include Women at Work, The Kent Business Diaries and The NLP International Conference and she has enjoyed teaching yoga at the Om Yoga Show and most recently collaborating with In the Moment magazine to teach meditation at Soul Circus Festival and in September 2019 to celebrate the launch of The Natural Collection in London Fashion Week she is teaching a special class with Strength Stylist at The Allbright in Mayfair. 


 Turn your dreams into moments to remember

Let’s work together and turn your dreams into moments to remember click here to say hello to me, Natalie and I’d love to arrange a time for you to explore the real you your free 30 minute soul searching discovery session.

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